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I am a very confident person who is willing to try out new things and learn new skills. I love working in the clerical, administration and customer service areas. I love Computers and have a great interest in improving my knowledge and skills with them over the years to come. I do a small bit of Graphic Design on the side as I am also an artistic person. I would love to expand this at some stage.

Deana Hurley's Professional Experience

2011 - 2012

Amazon - Customer Service Agent

Helping Customers using Phone, Email and Chat communication. Received certificate for being 100% Peculiar in the training class. Hit targets most of the time.

Key Skills
Customer Service Hardworking leadership Own Initiative Target Hitter Team Player Uniqueness
2011 - 2011

ACT Marketing - Sales Representative

Temporary Contract, instore sales for Airtricity.

Key Skills
leadership Own Initiative sales Team Player
2011 - 2011

Total Fundraising - Sales Representative

Temporary Contract. Charity based company, door to door sales.

Key Skills
communication leadership Own Initiative sales Team Player
2010 - 2011

Cork Institute of Technology - Chairperson - Computing Society

This was a voluntary position I held for 3 years. From 2008 - 2009 I was the secretary of this society and helped out with alot of the events and more. Next year from 2009 - 2010, I was promoted to Vice Chairperson and helped out even more. Then from 2010 - 2011 I was promoted once more to Chairperson, where I was in charge of the whole society and how it ran.

I had to create a budget for us on spenditure, organise events including our biggest one which is the Formal Ball we have every year.

It was very challenging but I loved every minute of it.

Key Skills
Event organiser Graphic Deisgn hard worker leadership Own Initiative Public Speaker Team Player Volunteer
2008 - 2011

Cork Institute of Technology - Class Representative

This was a voluntary position. From my first year of college I stepped up to the plate and accepted to be Class Representative. In this role I had to create social events for my class mates, organise tuition for hard modules, attend faculty meetings, help with student union events. It was a very challenging role but I loved it very much and it was all very worth it as I received an award for my "outstanding voluntary contribution" last year and I am well pleased and greatful for this. The recipients of this award are nominated by their classmates and then overlooked by a panel of judges. I am extremely delighted I was chosen.

Key Skills
Event organiser leadership Own Initiative Public Speaker Team Player Trustworthy Volunteer
2010 - 2010

Nokia - Sales Representative

Temporary contract, based in a Carphone Warehouse store. Communicating with customers, getting them to express their needs so I could recommend a phone to suit them.

Key Skills
Own Initiative
2010 - 2010

Cork Institute of Technology - Student Leader

This was a temporary contract. In this role I had to help the new students and future students to find their way around college and set up their mobile wifi.

Key Skills
leadership Own Initiative Team Player
2006 - 2007

Provident Personal Credit - Officer Clerk

Data Entry, Loans, Telecommunications, Paper work, Filing.

Cannot verify as cannot find email address.

Key Skills
data Filing Telecommunications
2006 - 2006

Barrett Agri - Administrator

Data Entry, Telecommunications, Customer Relations, Money Handling, Filing

Key Skills
customer relations data Filing Telecommunications
2005 - 2006

Caulfields Supervalu - Shop Assistant

Store Rotation, Stock Handling, Customer Relations

Key Skills
customer relations Stock Handling

Deana Hurley's Education and Qualifications


member -

Cork Institute of Technology

Great knowledge in the computing industry.

Course Reference : CR016 - Computing

Certificate - Software Engineering

St Johns Central College

Gained knowledge of the computer history and major interest in the field of Programming.


second level/high school education -

Colaiste Na Toirbhirte

Whats to say about school