Darryl Farrell

Warehouse opertative / work experince at Cliffords Fire Places

Work category

Darryl Farrell's Professional Experience

2012 - Present

Cliffords Fire Places - Warehouse opertative / work experince

I was learning how to make fire places and sometimes even cleaning the floor i would also be moveing Bags of Sand all the time i would also be told to break up the Palits the stock come in on its great job great staff wonderfull people

Key Skills
2010 - 2010

Richmond Builders and Providers - Warehouse Operative

In my Under standing its a big yard with all different sheds and Warehouses and they also have a shop in the yard were they provide the Tools and Paint, Pipe, all equipment that costs a lot off money to keep them safe i enjoyed my 1 months work experince with this company and in the sheds they store all different types off wood for ex: 2x2, 4x4, 8x4 all those types off wood they also sell briks the types off briks they sell are Footballs, Solids, and Soap blocks

Key Skills
Be patient Be active and always be fully Felixable
2007 - 2007

Marks And Spencers - Food and Beverage Supervisor

I was Stoking the shelfs makeing sure every thing was full never empty sometimes i would be in Cloths or Shoes i loved it up thir its more challenging the work was harded becaues i would be trying to sell Shoes to the Customors all the time met some lovely People Staff were great to work with


Darryl Farrell's Education and Qualifications

Second Level -

Secondary Schooling
Dublin 1.

Leveing Cert Applied- pass

Darryl Farrell's Additional Information


My Interests Pigeon Racing i also love to play ball the weekends love to get out when i can wit the lads and have a view drinks but my main intrest is looking after my one year old dauther well tats me not very exciteing