Dara McCreary - Graduate of Cell and Molecular Biology

office assistant/Batcherman at Kilsaran Concrete Limited



Work category

Pharmaceutical and Science



I have a passion for epigenetic, cell biology and development biology. I took any class which was related to either subject during College. The classes included numerous cell biology, development biology, epigenetic, bioinformatics, model organism’s genetics and Genetic disease.
I have passion to learn this is why I decided to study science. Science is always changing; new ideas are developed every day. Since finishing college I have been working in a bar at night where I worked through college. During the day I have been reading scientific paper from various areas, trying to teach myself computer programming using “MIT openware” and I have just started to teach myself an introduction to German. I have been applying to various international institutes to gain work experience. While at UCD I was a member of the UCD Lacrosse team and the Irish Lacrosse National team.

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