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Touring the Grand Canyon in Style in Las Vegas | Daniel Nwikpo

When traveling to Las Vegas, one feature that Daniel Nwikpo visits is the Grand Canyon. A number of different tours leave from Vegas to journey out to this amazing natural feature, including by air, land, and even boat. This landmark sprawls out over 277 miles end to end, and is more than a mile deep, dropping down to the Colorado River far below. There are several different entrances to choose from, including the South Rim entrance and the one along the North Rim.

Some tours combine different viewpoints, letting tourists see the Grand Canyon from each perspective to fully understand its great size. They start out by driving to the location and hearing the intriguing history and geology of the Grand Canyon, then get an amazing helicopter ride over the edge. It lands 4000 feet below to drop tourists off at their next destination, a pontoon boat for a relaxing ride along the river, followed by a return trip via SUV to Las Vegas.

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