Your Online CV

Finally there's a place where you can create a CV online in minutes, store it at your own personalised URL and print and send it in PDF format. No more editing ugly CV templates and having endless copies of your CV stored across multiple platforms, the Worky CV is a living, breathing representation of the "worky" you! Add in links to blog posts, youtube videos, twitter feeds and websites you've worked on, get recommendations from colleagues, clients and previous employers and use your Worky CV to promote yourself to hirers, customers, colleagues and peers worldwide.

How do I create one?

  1. Register for a Worky account
  2. Complete the simple wizard to create the basic template
  3. Add in additional information including Work Experience and Education Experience, blog and twitter feeds you post

What is a Worky CV?

  • It's your online profile minus some of the personal details you want to keep private like your address, phone number and date of birth
  • It's stored at your own personal worky URL and you control privacy and access in terms of who sees it and when
  • It can be printed off in PDF format, emailed as a PDF or simply email your worky URL and the receiver can download the PDF
  • It's always current as the minute you update it online, the PDF version updates

See some great Worky CV Examples