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Cristina Afonso's Program Manager - Microsoft role at Arvato Services (2010 - Present)

- Global Subject Matter Expert and Point of Contact for all Partner Fee Payments queries and escalations
- Coordinates communication between Microsoft, Payment and Business Intelligence vendor to insure that all fee statements and payments reach partners in a timely manner across all Online Services Channel Incentives.
- Engages regularly with Partners, Distributors and Large Account Resellers for Readiness in new programs, incentive models and escalation resolution.
- Successfully prepared and delivered all training necessary for the transfer of the Partner Fee Payment review and validation process to new Team
- Manages Project Stamp – a project to move the process of printing and mailing hardcopy invoices to Online Services customers from the EOC Run BIOS Team to a vendor reduce the process cost by 80% - currently ongoing
- Coordinates readiness in EOC Run team for new Online Services releases
- Core team member of virtual project teams for the improvement of Partner Fee Payment processes
- Won “Gotcha” Award for promoting Customer and Partner Experience
- Won CPA EMEA SME of the quarter award for outstanding support to partners and customers


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