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Introduction to PowerPoint 2010 - All comments

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alexandernel - Steward

alexandernel said

Hi it is now 2014 and still SLIDE Sorter not working ----- access denied ? Mon Jun 9 16:06:37
alexandernel - Steward

alexandernel said

Slide Sorter ------ no link Wed May 22 15:02:21
Malcolm Hazel - Care worker

Malcolm Hazel said

Introduction to PowerPoint 2010 - Slide Sorter don't work Tue Oct 2 10:55:21
Bryan Dignam - Account Director

Bryan Dignam said

Hi Agnieszka,

Apologies about the damaged file in this course. We are working on getting that file repaired ASAP and I will contact you as soon as it is ready to use.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and will try resolve it immediately
Thu Jul 12 09:18:15
Agnieszka Czyzowicz-Janiszewska

Agnieszka Czyzowicz-Janiszewska said

I cannot finish course Introduction to Power Point 2010 becouse when I want to start doing the chapter Slide sorter on my computer screen there is a following information
,,Cannot embed video".How can I solve this problem?Thx Agnes
Thu Jul 12 06:26:24