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At Consumer Attorney Services we are proud to offer our clients the opportunity for assistance in their fight against misguided lending practices that have caused a hardship. We are privileged for consumers to put their trust in our vastly knowledge and skilled staff.

It is an honor to Consumer Attorney Services for consumers to trust in our abilities assisting with complex issues, relying on our unwavering commitment to provide assistance, and our delivery of outstanding service.

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1990 - Present

Consumer Attorney Services - Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

Consumer Attorney Services (CAS) is a long standing company dedicated to helping homeowners get through difficult times.

We have sincere Compassion and Empathy for every client. Don't just tell us your issue, tell us your story. Our family-oriented staff has a genuine understanding and appreciation of financial hardship. You are a person to us, a family to us; you are not a number here.
We have a sense of Modesty and Humility. Our success is not measured by the bottom line. Our success is measured by satisfied customers. We are always looking to improve our service and welcome any and all feedback.
Communication is our most important core value. How many times have you signed up for a service and then never called? Not here. Dialogue with our clients is of the utmost importance.
At CAS, we will exhaust all options in order to meet our clients' needs. CAS dedicates itself completely to attaining the resolution that our clients deserve.

1980 - Present
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