Constance Eneke  Atanga - A student who just graduated from Limerick Institute of Technology with Bachelor(Hons) Degree in Applied Social Care.

Support Worker at TTM Agency



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Constance Eneke Atanga's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

TTM Agency - Support Worker

I am a focused, deeply motivated individual who is dedicated to provide to other people, in order to enable those lead more fulfilling lives. You’d find me a tolerant team player, multi-tasking-oriented worker. I am caring, reliable and responsible.
The agency i worked with send me in different care settings. At times i am sent to work with special needs, home help support, Hospitals as support worker, work with people with various form of disability.

Constance Eneke Atanga's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Principles and Practice in social care, Health and well-being, Social Policy, Legal Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Communication Skills, Management & Leadership, Ethics in social care, Social Research Methodology.

Limerick Institute of Technology ( LIT )

Good Communication and Interacting Skills
Good organizational skills & problem solving skills. Also the ability to learn more.