Concepción Vieites Outes - I am Chemistry and I have experience in research, but now I want improve my English, and I love the kids and  I have experience

Training in dairy company at Feiraco Lácteos S.L.



Work category

Accounting and Finance


Higher Diploma

Concepción Vieites Outes's Professional Experience

2013 - 2013

Feiraco Lácteos S.L. - Training in dairy company

Training in dairy, the main functions: sensory analysis, study
of different formulations of smoothies, quality studies cream, smoothies and milk,commodity
specifications for audits, different studies dairy market

Concepción Vieites Outes's Education and Qualifications


Higher Diploma - Research

University of Santiago de Compostela.( Spain)

During my studies I have learned to work with different tools for quantification and identification (HPLC, CG, MS, UV,...) methods of optimizatión, porgrammes stadistics....