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About Tobinworld

Founded in 1977 in Glendale, California, Tobinworld is a school for students ages 5 to 22 who have been diagnosed as autistic, developmentally disabled, or severely emotionally disturbed. Using a combination of academic work and behavioral psychology, Tobinworld seeks to provide its students with a positive environment for learning and reinforces appropriate behaviors while minimizing or eliminating undesired ones.

Along with its sister campus, Tobinworld II, in Antioch, California, Tobinworld offers two separate programs, one for education and one for autism spectrum disorders.
The education program, for students with serious emotional disturbance, follows the Los Angeles Unified School District’s special education curriculum guide, and leads to a high school diploma for students who pass their required proficiency tests. These diplomas are given by each student’s respective school district.
The second program, aimed at students living with autism or developmental difficulties, focuses its courses toward giving students the capabilities they need to function as independent adults within the community. Tobinworld’s community-based instruction provides these students with the tools for self-reliance - covering money and budget management, personal safety, vocational education, realistic education goals, recreation, and personal maintenance. The Life Skills Program focuses on resources for basic survival, including community awareness, personal safety, and utilization of public transportation. Each student’s daily progress is tracked through weekly grade sheets, student work, and daily behavior logs. Class sizes in all programs are kept to fewer than 12 students.

Tobinworld’s staff of 36 teachers, 9 licensed clinicians, and over 100 classroom aides provides a structured but fun environment for the students on their way to adulthood. The school uses individual behavior rewards such as the reward store, Baskin Robbins, Teen Lounge, field trips and special events to reinforce good behavior. Each student signs a behavior contract and can use Tobinworld’s token system to purchase T-shirts, model kits, basketballs, and other fun items as rewards for good behavior. High school students can also enjoy the Outer Space Teen Lounge as a reward, with fun food, video games, a jukebox, and other enjoyable diversions available.


Address: 920 East Broadway
Glendale 91205,
United States
Telephone: (818) 247-7474
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