Tanner Films - Tanner Films is critically acclaimed for works that confront hard-hitting issues facing teens today.

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About Tanner Films

Award-winning production company Tanner Films owes its existence to the writing and directorial talents of 17-year-old filmmaker Michael Tanner Cusumano. The company has completed three films since 2008, and its fourth film “Impetuous” is scheduled for release during the summer of 2011. In its works, Tanner Films deals with strong themes of fear, guilt, horror, and suspense. “Amanda,” for example, examines the consequences of a drunk driving incident resulting in death, focusing not only on the guilt of the teenage driver but the impact of the event on the families involved. Tanner Films and director Michael Tanner Cusumano earned international recognition for the film, including a Golden Palm Award at the 2011 Mexico International Film Festival and the Van Gogh Award for Best Student Film at the 2011 Amsterdam Film Festival. In Tanner Films’ 2009 release, “Sage,” three students discover the dark history of a cruise ship, with disastrous consequences. Filmed on the Queen Mary cruise ship, “Sage” was named Best Film Noir at the 2010 Burbank International Film Festival. Tanner Films’ first release, “Missing,” is a suspenseful crime story about a father’s quest to free his kidnapped son. On the cutting edge of the independent film industry, Tanner Films sponsors the Sierra Canyon Film Festival, which highlights the works of student filmmakers.

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Address: 101 South 1st Street
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Telephone: 818-848-3001
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