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Market sector: Engineering
Telephone: 855-776-5436

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About Prolifogy Inc

A full-service software development and consulting company, Prolifogy Inc. serves clients both in the United States and abroad. Prolifogy's talented engineering team works with clients who need software products created anew or updated to their specifications, but do not have the resources or the desire to produce their own software in house. For such clients, Prolifogy makes the process easy and cost effective by offering software ownership and leasing options, off-site development, and fixed pricing for certain types of projects.

Prolifogy's flexible ownership and leasing options may be of special interest to many clients. With the complete ownership option, the client purchases all rights and intellectual property included in the final product. In such cases, clients may sell, lease, and modify the product in house as they see fit. One particular arrangement grants the client complete dominion over trade secrets, extensibility, licensing, salability, and related actions.

Licensing is another option available through Prolifogy. In a licensing agreement, Prolifogy maintains the rights to the software application but has either an exclusive or a non-exclusive licensing arrangement with the client. Non-exclusive licensing allows Prolifogy to sell or lease the final product to other users, which translates to lower costs for the client; this is often a viable option for clients who need to maintain relatively low development costs or want to take advantage of the tax benefits of leasing. With exclusive leasing, on the other hand, Prolifogy owns the software but can only sell or license it to certain parties.

Prolifogy also offers a partial ownership option, a combination of ownership and licensing, in which certain elements of the product, such as libraries, assemblies, functions, and modules, are owned, and others are licensed.

Prolifogy Inc. works with clients of all types and sizes, and it continues to expand. Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, its team is comprised of software experts with practical know-how, industry experience, business savvy, and writing and presentation skills. Along with its development and consulting offerings, Prolifogy provides customized training services.



Address: 100 Mill Plain Road
Danbury 06811,
United States
Telephone: 855-776-5436
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