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About Premier IVF

Premier IVF was established by the renowned fertility physicians Dr. William Schoolcraft and Dr. Richard Scott. Patients who visit Premier IVF Network Clinics receive comprehensive care and a variety of fertility treatment options.

Premier IVF is associated with several clinics around the country. Its network includes the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, Houston IVF, and Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan.

Premier IVF Network Clinics consistently rank among practices with excellent success rates in the fertility field. In addition, the Network Clinics do not turn away patients who have had difficulty conceiving through other fertility clinics. Each clinic maintains a staff of experienced lab personnel, fertility doctors, and embryologists who use the newest forms of medical technology.

Patients can apply for treatment financing through Springstone. Springstone provides loans for people who need medical procedures, including fertility treatments. The interest rate depends on the applicant's credit score, loan length, and loan amount.

The clinics offer a unique Refund Program for patients who meet certain criteria. The Premier IVF 100% Refund Program allows patients the ability to do up to three fresh and three frozen cycles for one fixed, discounted fee. If the patient does not have a live birth after completing the available cycles, Premier IVF refunds the Program fee. The Refund Program is available at Network Clinics in Houston, Michigan, and Colorado.



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Telephone: 855.483.2378
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