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Market sector: Customer Service, Retail Wholesale and Purchasing
Telephone: (41) 22.810.3338

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About Pastor Geneve

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Switzerland, Pastor Genève B.V.B.A. deals in colored diamonds, 10,000 times rarer than white or clear diamonds. The colored stones are transformed into awe-inspiring jewelry or simply held as long-term investments by serious collectors and connoisseurs. Often containing tiny internal flaws, known as inclusions, because of their chemical structure and the pressure that created the stones, colored diamonds still command a high price. A 0.95-carat red diamond, heavily included, sold in 1987 for $926,000 per carat. The Adamas Collection and other colored diamonds offered by Pastor Genève come in an array of hues, including red, pink, orange, purple, olive, and chameleon, which changes color when exposed to light.

A number of Pastor Genève’s clients purchase the rare precious stones as investments because of their portability, ease in passing from one generation to the next, price stability, long-term growth potential, and privacy. Most countries require no disclosure of ownership, with certificates that include no serial numbers or names. Through Pastor Genève, prospective investors can learn about the colored diamond marketplace, including which colors the market perceives as rarer and therefore potentially more valuable.

Private and discreet, Pastor Genève provides a secure environment for purchases through an exclusive relationship with international transport and secured-storage firm Port Francs et Entrepôts Genève S.A., correspondent agents for Brink’s, Incorporated. The security company maintains safe storage facilities in the non-taxed “Free Zone” adjacent to Geneva International Airport, where the major auction houses also store valuable items.

Clients benefit from Pastor Genève’s stellar list of advisers as well, including Stephen C. Hofer, a pioneer in the measurement of color and color saturation; and Senior Executive Consultant Stephen Hershoff, a major international diamond dealer for several decades. The company ships globally and offers a thirty-day return policy.



Address: 118 Rue du Rhone
Geneva CH-1204,
Telephone: (41) 22.810.3338
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