Opportunity Charter School - Opportunity Charter School Serves Grades Six Through Twelve

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About Opportunity Charter School

Founded in 2004, Opportunity Charter School (OCS) aims to serve the Harlem, New York, community’s need for a safe and supportive learning environment for children in grades six through 12. Opportunity Charter School employs a staff of highly trained teachers who work closely with learning specialists, social workers, and behavior specialists to help each student achieve their full potential. Currently, approximately 400 students attend OCS.

Open to all students regardless of their previous academic records, Opportunity Charter School provides a rigorous curriculum that meets all New York State standards and prepares high-school students for the Regents test. The school’s recently adopted common core curriculum emphasizes writing skills in all subjects, as well as higher order thinking skills that enable students to evaluate, analyze, and apply information. Advanced students can take advantage of the school’s enrichment opportunities and flexible scheduling, while struggling students benefit from extended day programs and instructional support. To learn more, please visit https://twitter.com/LeonardGoldberg.

OCS and StreetSquash Enriching Students’ Lives
An alternative to conventional educational institutions, Opportunity Charter School provides students with an outlet for emotional and intellectual growth. Located in New York, New York, Opportunity Charter School (OCS) provides students with tailored instruction designed to expand their cognitive abilities and develop social skills.

This year, OCS teamed with StreetSquash, an after-school program that combines tutoring and homework assistance with instruction in how to play squash. Founded in 1999, StreetSquash provides services for students in Harlem, New York, and Newark, New Jersey. So far, 16 sixth and seventh graders are enrolled in the OCS-based program.

Time spent at the after-school event is evenly split between one-on-one tutoring and playing the sport. During this time, students are given support in academic areas of need, stay physically fit, and practice sportsmanship. Participants of the event are not only given squash instruction, but are given the ability to participate in tournaments both in state and out of state.



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Telephone: 212.866.6137
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