Masterpiece Investments - Masterpiece Investments, Corp. is a fine art distribution company.

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Telephone: +1-503-685-9878

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About Masterpiece Investments

Established 25 years ago by the Ghiglieri family, Masterpiece Investments aims to meld the fine art industry with other technological and financial sectors in new, innovative ways to impact the world on a larger scale. Primarily focused on the display and charitable sale of the fine art masterpieces of Lorenzo Ghiglieri and other family master sculptors, Masterpiece Investments uses four distinct divisions to help implement its forward vision toward philanthropy, investment, and fine art.

The first division of Masterpiece Investments, the Charitable Division, endeavors to sell a dedicated selection of Ghiglieri masterpieces toward raising funds for nonprofit organizations across the United States. Able to adjust retail prices of the masterpieces whereas its gallery divisions cannot, the MPI Charitable Division possesses the exclusive rights to restructure prices in order to maximize participation in bidding.

Masterpiece Investments also manages a number of galleries where they sell and distribute Ghiglieri works at retail value. The Fine Art Gallery first launched in the renowned waterfront development Bayfront Place in Naples, Florida. Masterpiece Investments chose the location for its culturally rich community in order to better illustrate and showcase the gallery’s unique and exceptional work.

Masterpiece Investments has also acquired the Chiurazzi Subsidiary Division, a multicultural and historically significant collection of original sculpture molds used by Italian masters like Michelangelo, as well as the Additive Workshop Subsidiary Division, which implements state-of-the art technology to enlarge or reduce sculptures to any desired scale while maintaining perfect accuracy. The high-tech full-service sculpting studio enables better approaches to scaling and enlarges the range of services to include bronze casting, mold making, bust portraiture, 3D modeling, and computer-aided design (CAD) work.



Address: 27929 SW 95th Ave. Ste 1101
Wilsonville 97070,
United States
Telephone: +1-503-685-9878
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