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About Maryland Hydroponics

At Maryland Hydroponics, owner Brian Rubin proudly displays hydroponically grown wonders, including hanging plants and flowers, a banana tree, and a mandarin orange tree. Due to a healthy customer base, Maryland Hydroponics moved into a 4,900-square-foot space and is garnering profits at approximately 600 percent of what was originally forecasted. Maryland Hydroponics has been recognized by the state of Maryland, which awarded its owner, who lives with Asperger’s syndrome, the distinction of “Business Person of the Year with a Disability,” as well as by the Progressive Gardening Trade Association, which presented the company with its 2009 “Best Television Ad” award.

For those interested in growing plants hydroponically, or sans soil, Maryland Hydroponics sells everything a person needs to get started or to upgrade an existing setup. At the company’s showroom, customers find both traditional gardening implements as well as those designed for hydroponic growing, and employees at Maryland Hydroponic can help with just about any gardening question. Available online or from the retail location, products from the store include pots and containers, grow light bulbs, lighting accessories, and nutrients and additives. In addition, customers can purchase items such as hydro systems, indoor greenhouses, grow light reflectors, air and water pumps, and entire kits for growing plants. Customers can also find helpful information in Maryland Hydroponics’ book section, which include titles such as Hydroponic Basics and Gardening Indoors Bible. The staff at Maryland Hydroponics dedicates itself to providing excellent customer service and strives to find the right products for their customers’ needs. In addition, all products online are shipped quickly and securely, and customers pay only the shipping fee that the company is charged, with no extra fees. Maryland Hydroponics frequently offers discounts on items as well as online specials.

Brian Rubin, Maryland Hydroponics’ owner, grossed more than $1 million during his first year in business and plans to expand his operation. As part of the program Start-Up NY at Syracuse University, he has taken part in the Extraordinary Speaker Series, where he has spoken about his success with Maryland Hydroponics and encouraged others with disabilities to follow their dreams.



Address: 10051 North Second St. .
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United States
Telephone: 301-490-9236
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