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About Icon Capital Sarl

Icon Capital Sarl is a securitization firm that is capable of handling many financial investments of equity for public and private entities. The company is regulated by the government and financial standards industry, and is able to handle investments from local area companies and citizens and individuals from other countries worldwide.

Employees at Icon Capital Sarl are highly trained and handle specialties in one or more of the wide range of client service areas, including: securitization, banking, and structured finance. Each team member receives specialized training before beginning work with customers, and is able to provide custom and unique services to match the needs of every client. The goal of the organization is to afford patrons an effective and trusted method to secure their assets and equity in the short- and long-term, and to provide protection from any undesirable changes in the economic climate that may affect their investments.

The mission at the international securitization firm is to assure the investor that the money and equity they have entrusted to Icon Capital Sarl, no matter what the financial climate might be, will be properly managed. Associates within the company take special care to adopt private placements that are appropriate for the current economic situation to ensure all financial needs are either met or exceeded.

Icon Capital Sarl works with several banks in key locations to stay abreast of the current and predicted financial environment. This proactive strategy ensures that the equity being invested is protected by safeguards in the event that a bleak economic picture is realized in the future.

Icon Capital Sarl: Benefits of Investing in a Luxembourg-based Company

Launched in 2007, Icon Capital Sarl operates a mono investment fund to reduce overall portfolio investment risk for its clients. Based in Luxembourg, the company is backed by the financial reputation and regulatory laws of one of the top financial markets in the world.

Like Switzerland to the south, Luxembourg’s global reputation as a top financial market is backed by the country’s political stability and long-time neutrality. It also has strict privacy laws, based mostly on professional lawyer-client confidentiality clauses.

Located at the heart of Europe, the Luxembourg financial markets rely on the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic traits of its employees to attract a wide range of global investors. As a member of the European Union, investment companies based in Luxembourg also have better access to European markets than traditional off-shore havens like the Cayman Islands.

Today, the Luxembourg financial market is the world’s second largest investment fund center after the United States. It is also the Eurozone’s premier private banking sector. Luxembourg’s stock exchange lists over 40 percent of the international bond listings in Europe, making it the largest international bond stock exchange in Europe.

Basic Types of Investment Management

Established in 2008 under a 2004 Luxembourg law that allows for the creation of securitization vehicles as financial tools, Icon Capital Sarl works with a wide variety of investors all over the world in areas such as Balkan property development and sports and media development. An investment management company, Icon Capital Sarl partners with financial institutions and investment finance law specialists to ensure the safety and integrity of fund assets.

Investment management companies help clients make money from their investments, but smart investors work with the companies to help guide their investments beyond the possibilities as private parties. For active investment management styles, the companies make most of the decisions, including which companies to invest in and when to buy and sell. When handled by professionals, active investment management offers much higher returns than average market investing.

Passive investment management simply tracks along with market trends. Essentially automated, passive investments change little and are less likely to see high rates of return. Although it is more stable in general, passive investment management carries high risk in volatile or emerging markets that require knowledge and prediction accuracy.



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