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About HEI Resources

HEI Resources of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a company that aims to develop sponsorships and partnerships in order to acquire and explore oil and gas reserves as well as base and precious metal mines. The company's global operations range from domestic projects in Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama to recent explorations in Chile, South America. HEI Resources' priorities aim to provide value for joint venture partners through honorable relationships with individuals, operators, engineers, drilling contractors, geophysicists, and service companies in the gas, oil, and mining industries.

President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Reed Cagle founded HEI Resources in 1998. Through his success in business ventures, he has charitably developed a non-denominational, non-profit organization called Outreachers. The mission of Outreachers is to focus on the educational, spiritual, and economic growth of people around the world, leading individuals to an independent, sustainable, and fulfilling lifestyle that will provide lasting success for both families and communities. The primary focus of Outreachers is to raise funds for investment in resources that will improve the lives of families and children in impoverished areas. The charity supports projects that provide food, clean water, education, health care, and spiritual guidance. In Guatemala, HEI Resources used Outreachers to provide a generous donation to an orphanage called Casa Angelina, which currently houses 70 children, many of whom have experienced addiction and abuse.

Through the charitable support of HEI Resources, Outreachers also oversees an organization in the Colorado Springs community called Rocky Mountain Kids, which operates several group foster homes for young adults. The mission of Rocky Mountain Kids is to provide a safe environment for therapy and healing, offsetting the effects of abuse and neglect by helping adolescents cope with emotional trauma.



Address: 2864 S. Circle Dr
Colorado Springs 80938,
United States
Telephone: 719-226-2828
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