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Market sector: Banking Insurance and Financial Services
Telephone: 352 95 05 74

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About Firminy Capital Sarl

With its headquarters at Capellen in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Firminy Capital Sarl serves as the parent company of Firminy Equity Fund F.T., a private securitization fund containing a variety of subfunds and designed to benefit institutional investor clients. Principals Dirk Coetzer and Johannes Roux, who officially registered the company with the Luxembourg government in 2007, work with an organization of contractors and professional staff who possess strong backgrounds in banking and finance, and particularly in structured finance and securitization. Firminy Capital Sarl, a limited liability company listed with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register, not only manages its own securitization fund, but additionally maintains the option of buying and selling interests in other forms of investment throughout the world. The company aims to bolster the safety of its funds while staying responsive to fluctuations throughout global markets.

Firminy Capital Sarl operates in a country that has enjoyed a long history of financial stability. Nearly 30 percent of Luxembourg’s economy is centered on the financial sector, and the small nation maintains one of the highest standards of living in the world. Even over the last few years of general market turmoil, the strength of its financial segment enabled the Grand Duchy to succeed in keeping Europe’s largest current account surplus as a portion of gross domestic product.

Firminy Capital Sarl has developed an investment strategy that involves partnerships with prominent banks and other financial firms that successfully weathered the global economic crisis of 2008. A group of leading banking institutions assists the company in monitoring ongoing debt issues and represents the interests of the company and its equity fund as a custodian. The company also works with prestigious law firms that supply an additional level of oversight for its growing investment portfolio, and it retains a team of experienced chartered accountants who provide ongoing financial status reports.


Address: 75 parc d'activites
Capellen L-8308,
Telephone: 352 95 05 74
Website: Click to visit Website