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About Almeda University

Providing affordable online learning for students with significant life experience, Almeda University offers over 1,000 online classes for professional development and awards Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of areas, including the arts and sciences, business, and most technical fields.

To attend Almeda University, prospective students complete the Prior Learning Assessment Program by documenting life experience applicable to the degree they wish to pursue. Next, a faculty member with experience in that field and/or relevant credentials will evaluate the applications. If the staff determines that an applicant’s experience meet the criteria for a specific degree, it will award the applicant commensurate credit hours.

The option to attend online classes at times that are convenient to the student and ability to work independently, communicating with staff as needed through an online portal, are just some of the many advantages of continuing education at Almeda University.

Upon completion of an original thesis demonstrating mastery in their field, students can earn a Master of Business Administration in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, or General Management. Almeda University also offers doctoral programs, awarding the Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Business Administration.

Almeda University’s accreditation includes the Association for Online Academic Excellence, Interfaith Education Ministries, and Committee for Distance Education Accreditation, a Division of Alliance of International Education Assessors. Alumni of the institution can earn additional degrees at discount rates and have access to a nationwide network of professional career counselors.


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San Juan ,
Puerto Rico
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