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About AdUp Media

AdUp Media, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides web development and marketing campaign management through Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click filtering of web properties. The team includes online marketing specialists, each with over a decade of online experience, which is a lifetime in internet years. AdUp Media's success depends on proprietary click filtering algorithms that are the foundation of its platform. Not only does AdUp connect web publishers and web advertising agencies, its technology measures web traffic for quality and performance to maximize the effectiveness of Pay-Per-Click ad placements.

For web advertising agencies, AdUp Media's core AdUp Demand product provides click-filtering, a bid-management system, and a data engine to track various metrics for the user clicks that pass through its system. Although there are many Pay-Per-Click options for advertisers, the output to the clients' analytics do not necessarily measure key criteria such as page views and time on site as effectively as AdUp Demand. The company also offers a large network, the AdUp Media Network, of partner sites to boost exposure.

The company can provide consulting services that range from website optimization to customized builds on clusters of servers that ensure scalability. The team will supply monetization and advertizing ideas to increase performance on any analytic platforms, not just their own. From the basic AdUp Demand product to its personalized consulting services, AdUp Media aims to provide the best possible return on investment by delivering quality leads to online marketing campaigns.

For publishers, the company offers AdUp Supply that lets them place ads on their sites immediately. Once registered with AdUp Media through a simple online form, ads will begin to appear. A major benefit for publishers is that they can easily manage the ads on their site through simple ad-block coding. The number of text ads displayed as well as the types of banners that appear are all customizable by the user. The site publisher can go further by blocking ads from competitors or any advertiser whose message is inappropriate for the site. Payment is currently through PayPal or check withdrawals in $50 increments.



Address: 7150 East Camelback Rd, Ste 444
Scottsdale 85251,
United States
Telephone: 000-000-0000
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