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About Adapted Mind Math

Created by graduates of Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley, Adapted Mind Math is a collaborative product among teachers, parents, students, and game designers. Using a fun and adaptive learning approach to teaching, online provider Adapted Mind Math has been successfully used by 1 million parents and 150,000 teachers in 132 countries. A game-like format helps to motivate students to excel in K-6 math, and a similar approach is applied to improve reading skills.

Children are challenged to learn new skills by earning points to purchase prizes. As the students progress with their learning, they unlock new prizes. This motivates them to advance to new lessons. The online lessons are designed to adapt to the student’s learning capability through an algorithm used from an initial test to assess the student’s capacity.

Adapted Mind continually assesses the student’s performance through the courses and adjusts the lessons to match learning capabilities. Parents and teachers also have a medium with which to track the progress of the students.



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