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About Abeo Investments

When the founders of ABEO Investments established the company in 2007, they focused on serving investors’ needs via alternative investments. By identifying and delivering economical and innovative financial opportunities, ABEO Investments strived to protect its clients against losses during the worst of the global economic recession.

ABEO Investments later grew to offer a full range of financial services. The company’s associates helped clients assemble portfolios based on investments ranging from currencies, stocks, and bonds, to no-load mutual funds. In addition, the financial services professionals at ABEO Investments provided clients with expert tax preparation, credit counseling, estate planning, and insurance services, including term life, prescription, family health, and dental insurance. ABEO also offered options for travel insurance and international health and life insurance.

ABEO Investments found success by tailoring its clients’ portfolios to their goals and needs for income, liquidity, investment risk level, and total return. ABEO financial experts prioritized open communication and full transparency and access, as well as independent, unbiased advice based on comprehensive market analyses. For those clients who sought a more active role in managing their investments, ABEO offered financial seminars in large and small group formats.

Before founding ABEO Investments, the company’s owners worked in mortgage brokering, adult education, ESL education, and educational administration. Mindful of its greater civic responsibilities, ABEO supported a variety of charitable organizations.

Today, ABEO Investments is known as JCI Advisory Services. More information about the company and the financial services it provides can be found at www.jcias.com.



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