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An enthusiastic, adaptive, and fast learning graduate with a keen interest in the teaching, the development and the organisation of Leisure, Recreation, and Education. I particularly enjoy planning, organising and teaching creative, educational and sporting activities for children especially working overseas.

Claire Pearce's Professional Experience

2013 - Present

Disney English - Foreign Language Trainer

I currently work as an English Foreign Trainer for Disney English, teaching English to children aged 2-12 years old. My role is to plan, deliver and review English lessons focused around the Disney theme. Whilst working as an English Foreign Trainer my responsibilities are to:

• Communicate with learners in an engaging, age-appropriate way, ensuring that language learning is both effective and fun
• Measure progress and educational results through the delivery of formal and informal assessments and progress reports
• Collect audio & visual portfolio material of learners’ work and progress during lessons to share with parents
• Partner closely with Assistant Trainers to maintain strong relationships with parents, ensuring high level of program engagement and outstanding service, by communicating both in person and through our online portal
• Contribute to Center’s success by leading engaging demonstrations of Disney English lessons for potential learners and their parents
• Participate in various marketing and referral events to drive learner enrollment as needed
• Ensure classes are run efficiently and start and end, as scheduled
• Prepare print materials, technology and supplemental materials prior to the start of each lesson
• Deliver private lessons as required, due to learner absences or for learners that are falling behind
• Contribute to overall Center success by ensuring consistently high learner renewal rates, through the delivery of great service and measurable learner progress

Key Skills
2012 - 2013

Esprit Ski (Hotel Plan) - Snow Ranger (Childcarer)

During the winter of 2012/13 I moved to the French Alps to work as a Head Snow Ranger (Line manager) for the childcare program for Esprit Ski in Val D'Isere. As a Head Snow Ranger my responsibilities were to attend management training, then design and deliver training seminars for staff members at two resorts, and then provide on site training for a team of 16 childcare staff. Furthermore, I was responsible for setting up the childcare rooms ready for the start of season. In addition, once the season started my primary role was to delegate to the team, provide assistance for my staff when needed, organise and complete paperwork, organise ski lessons and snow club activities, making sure they run on time and were delivered correctly, provide staff with relevant feedback on their performance, at times discipline and reinforce company policy, and deal with Guest concerns. Later in the season, I decided to step down to Snow Ranger as I missed working with the children full time. I was then transferred to La Plagne, Macot, where my responsibilities were to run songs and games for children aged 3- 12 within our Snow Club and before their Ski lessons. Additionally, I was responsible for supervising children at lunch and tea, and baby listening which was a baby sitting service provided in our hotel. Furthermore I was responsible for running evening activities such as quiz nights, bowling, ice skating, bum boarding and snowman making. On transfer day when guests leave and new guests arrive I would have to work long hours deep cleaning, luggage clearing and helping housekeeping which has given me the ability to work long hours with little rest. In addition, I was trained as a driver, whereby I was able to drive guests in a seven seater van.

Key Skills
Childcare Management
2012 - 2013

Mad Science - Science Presenter

Prior to working as a seasonaire in France, I was working for Mad science as a Science Instructor for summer camps and after school clubs. My responsibilities were to plan and present fun and educational science experiments and lessons designed for children aged 4-11 years old. I would attend four different schools in London four days a week for after school classes, educating the children on a different scientific subject each week using fun experiments such as making exploding Volcanoes, using flash paper and making mini fireworks. In addition to my after school classes, I taught at summer camps as well, in which I would work with a team of Scientists and the children would be in our care all day for the entire week learning a different subject everyday.

Key Skills
2006 - 2013

Fusion Lifestyle and CIP (Hounslow Leisure Services) - swimming teacher

In addition to working as a Lifeguard I also work as a Swimming teacher In between my jobs abroad and studies. As a swimming instructor I am required to plan drills and contrasting activities for all four strokes following the National Teaching Plan for swimming. I am responsible for teaching toddlers/non-swimmers NTP Level one up to advance/pre-club level NTP Level twelve. Furthermore, I am responsible for teaching adult beginners, special needs children, and primary schools (using the National Curriculum criteria for school swimming). Whilst working in this role I have gained valuable experience such as recording accurate attendance and progress sheets following the NTP, designing session plans for a nine to twelve week period developing technique for all four strokes and designing contrast activities to improve water confidence, assessing pupil’s ability and progress using the NTP after nine to twelve weeks and gaining knowledge regarding TOP-UP classes which is a government funded project to improve the standard of swimming for schools so that more pupils reach the National Curriculum. Additionally, I have gained the ability of communicating effectively with pupils and their parents/school teachers, the ability to Work as a team with other swimming instructors and school teachers, work under pressure for example covering all aspects of the marking criteria, completing assessments within nine to twelve weeks and being able to cover entire session plan within a thirty minute lesson. Moreover, I have effective time management for example making sure each lesson lasts thirty minutes and change over time between lessons is swift and I am good at adapting session plans and my teaching style depending on pupils for example if I have a child with a learning disability I will adapt my teaching style by using more demonstrations rather than verbal explanations, or if there are pupils of weaker ability I would adapt the session plan to their capabilities.

Key Skills
Special Needs teaching
2003 - 2013

Fusion Lifestyle - Lifeguard

In between my studies and jobs abroad I work as a lifeguard. As a Lifeguard I am responsible for supervising all swimming pools during public sessions, parties, and during private club use. In addition, I am responsible for maintaining cleanliness around the building. Whilst working as a Lifeguard I gained valuable experience such as having responsibility for water rescue and providing first aid, and up to date first aid information and water rescue practice due to regular attendance to staff training, good communication with customers and staff (able to listen to customers and deal with customer concerns). Additionally, I am able to work as a team with other members of staff for example dealing with a poolside incident, and able to work under pressure for example dealing with first aid and water rescues. Furthermore I was responsible for setting up and packing away equipment for parties and clubs/exercise classes and supervising other areas of the leisure centre such as the gym and play centre.

Key Skills
2011 - 2012

Disney Cruise Line - Youth Activities Counselor

I have completed my third contract with Disney Cruise Line almost a year ago, on board the Disney Wonder. I was currently working in the entertainment department as a Youth Activities Counsellor, where I planned, facilitated and hosted programs based around Disney. Two of my contracts were 4.5 months and one was 5, which minus my vacation was 14 months at sea. Whilst working as a Youth Activities Counsellor I was responsible for:

• planning, and hosting programs that have been designed by shore side, such as arts and crafts, games, dance parties, programs based around characters, relays, and carnivals.
• being a support counsellor for ENT Hosts on bigger programs based around Disney films.
• being on the microphone announcing programs, playing games and hosting small programs.
• Supervising children aged 3-10 and providing a safe environment for them to play.
• Desk Anchor trained. Whereby, my responsibilities were to sign children in and out of our spaces using CDA software (tracking devise), and responsible for registering guests on embark day.
• Group Anchor trained. Where I was responsible to make sure all programs were running on time in the space and dealing with guests and problems that arise (similar to a shift leader role).
• Trainer: I was responsible for training new hires in their role as an Activities Counsellor and training new desk anchors and group anchors.
• Teching main programs for ENT hosts such as, turning music and video clips on the right cue.
• collecting characters from backstage for programs and interacting and directing guests during character greets.

Key Skills
2011 - 2011

YMCA Camp Fuller - Camp Counselor and Lifeguard

During the summer of 2011 whilst on vacation from my role as a Youth Activities Counsellor for Disney, I worked at a residential summer camp called Camp Fuller for nine weeks in Rhode Island which catered for children aged 7-16 and ran mostly water based programs. I was a general counsellor and in charge of an eight children cabin with a co-worker. Additionally, during the day I worked on the waterfront as a Lifeguard and instructed Water Ski classes. As a general counsellor/Lifeguard my responsibilities were being in charge of a cabin of eight children, making sure they wake up and get ready for activities, looking after their welfare such as hydration, if their unwell, make sure their eating, dealing with home sickness, planning and facilitating evening divisionals and cabinals (evening entertainments). In addition, I was responsible for meeting and greeting parents and campers on registration day, assisting with weekend events such as talent shows, disco's, team competitions, scavenger hunts, assisting with change over weekend, where we would take a group of international campers out for day trips (bowling/rollerblading) before the next two week session began and assisting with council camp fires.

Key Skills
Childcare Lifeguard
2010 - 2010

PGL Travel - Activity Instructor

During the the summer of 2010 I worked a season for an outdoor adventure company called PGL which mainly caters for children’s educational holidays. I was teaching a range of outdoor activities and occasionally group leading. Whilst working as an Activity Instructor/Group Leader I was responsible for setting up and de-rigging activities, instructing outdoor pursuits such as Zip Wire, Climbing, Trapeze, Fencing, Archery, Low Ropes, Problem Solving, Nature Trails, Survival Skills, Orienteering, Mountain Biking, Quad Biking, Aqua Fun, Lifeguarding, Sensory Trail, and Aeroball. Whilst group leading I was in charge of a given group, usually 30-50 children, in which I was responsible for getting the group to meal times and activities on time and responsible for providing entertainment, singing and games during their free time. In addition, I was responsible for liaising with party leaders and school teachers. Furthermore, I was responsible for instructing evening entertainments such as games, relays, game shows, campfires and Disco’s, working on arrivals and departures where I was responsible for greeting children and loading/unloading luggage and occasionally work night duty in which I was responsible for patrolling around designated accommodation making sure all children settle to sleep.

Key Skills
Instructor Lifeguard
2009 - 2009

Fusion Lifestyle - Assistant Sports Development Officer (Secondment)

During the summer of 2009, I was given a three-month secondment within the Hounslow Sports Development Team. The main purpose of this position was to help the team get the borough squads ready for the London Youth Games. I was placed in the office toward the latter end of April and got my first taste of Community Sports Development from lending assistance with the preparation for the Adidas London Mini Marathon. Following this, I was heavily involved in the administrative side of preparing for the London Youth Games. Whilst working as a Community Sports Development Officer I was responsible for setting up trials for a range of different sports, team selection for twenty eight sports, coaching the Mini Sports hall Athletics team, inputting personal data onto database (emergency contact, medical information etc), organising sports kit, advertising trials and training in schools and sports centres and responsible for transport and implementation of the London Youth Games. Additionally, I was responsible for communicating and working with members of the local community from school teachers to local club coaches to School Sports Coordinators in which links were built up and some strengthened from previous events, responsible for looking after participants for twenty eight different sports, making sure they were at their competition at the right place and time and ensuring they were transported to and from Crystal Palace safely, and working on disability events in London. Moreover, I was team manager for the Mini Sports hall team, Athletics team, Badminton team and Table Tennis team, where I was responsible for making sure all participants knew what events they were competing in and at what time, and encouraging and supporting the team. Whilst on secondment I also had the opportunity to attend two meetings, one for CSPAN which was about increasing Badminton in London and the Hounslow Free Wheel event. The second was about Sports Jam, a multi sports event for 6-16 year olds run by Brentford Community Sports Trust. In addition, I had the opportunity to come to the Sports Jam event and see how it was delivered. During the three month secondment I gained thorough knowledge of how to work effectively within a Sports Development environment, not only with regards to the paper-based aspect, but also with the execution of practical training sessions for the teams that were to be competing.

Key Skills
Project Management Special Needs teaching

Claire Pearce's Education and Qualifications


Diploma - Level 3 Assistant Teacher

Stonebridge College


Certificate - TEFL-C

Teacher's college University of Columbia


Diploma - Level 2 Introductory To The Outdoors

National Open College Network (NOCN)

Outdoor pursuits certificate


Bachelor/Degree - Sport Science with Health, Nutrition and Exercise

St Mary's College London


Certificate - Level 2 Full Teacher's Certificate

British Swimming ASA


second level/high school education -

St Paul's Catholic School, Sunbury

A- Levels: 3 (D) in Physical Education, Design Technology, Health and Social Care.

AS Level: 1 (B) in Fine Art.

GCSE'S: 10 (A-C and 1 D).


Certificate - NPLQ

Royal Lifesaving Association

Renew every 3 years.

Claire Pearce's Additional Information



Swimming, Gym, Running, listening to music, Movies, and Art.


Train the Trainer Certificate with Disney Cruise Line.
Esprit, Ski Total and Inghams Certificate In Van driving Competency.
Level 1 Diploma in Face Painting.
Beginners Certificate in Body Art.