Ciarán Beirne - Food Science and Innovation Student

Cashier / Shop Assistant / Forecourt Attendant at Cooney's Centra



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Pharmaceutical and Science



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Ciarán Beirne's Professional Experience

2008 - Present

Cooney's Centra - Cashier / Shop Assistant / Forecourt Attendant

The job involves operating a till, performing general tasks for the upkeep of a shop eg. stocking shelves, cleaning, helping customers. Maintaining the forecourt by ensuring products sold there are stocked assisting customers by filling vehicles with petrol or diesel, and helping customers with coal and other tasks.

Key Skills
Cleaning Communication, Organisation, helping customers Stocking Shelves

Ciarán Beirne's Education and Qualifications


currently studying - Food Science and Innovation

Waterford Insititute of Technology

I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Food Science and Innovation.


Bachelor/Degree - Microbiology, Biochemistry

NUI - Galway

I completed my Ordinary Bachelor of Science Degree (Level 7) in 2012, the subjects I studied in Year 3 were Biochemistry and Microbiology.