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Christopher Zoukis, an award-winning author, has published a bold spectrum of essays, articles, book reviews, and poems. However, his most recent writing endeavor is functioning as a Staff Writer for the State & Federal Criminal Law Review. Currently housed in Petersburg Federal Correctional Complex, Christopher Zoukis also serves as the Editor for the Education Behind Bars Newsletter as well as a contributing writer at Blogcritics.

His first two years in the correctional institution were a time of self-loathing and chronic depression marked by both physical and mental struggles. By 2008, however, Christopher Zoukis’ self-pity faded as he began a spiritual journey, which entailed a strict routine of daily religious study and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Inspired by his spiritual transformation, Christopher Zoukis embarked on a scholarly pursuit of his newfound faith, enrolling in Global University, from which he obtained a Certified Ministrer Certificate.

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Cassell Network of Writers, Correctional Education Association, National Writers Association, National Writers Union, PEN American Center, Pennsylvania Prison Society, Society of Professional Journalists