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Fitness and nutrition expert Chris Ashenden, also known as Chris the Kiwi, has built his career on a broad base of experience. A native of New Zealand, he traveled the world with his family as a child and again on his own as an adult. To date, Chris Ashenden has visited more than 60 countries and moves between North and South America.

A strong presence in social media, Ashenden has earned feature mention in such major publications as The Huffington Post and The New Yorker. He has garnered the attention of a number of high-profile media names as well, including popular personal growth expert Tim Ferriss. Ashenden appears as a notable name in Ferris' most recent book, The 4-Hour Body, in which Ferriss acknowledged his expertise in shaping the female body through exercise and healthful eating. Ashenden enjoys providing advice to people of both genders, and he encourages them to pursue personal happiness through physical well-being.

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