Chris Akathiotis - IT Transformation Director

Director of Technology Transformation at Virgin Media



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Chris Akathiotis's Director of Technology Transformation role at Virgin Media (2004 - 2011)

Recent achievements at Virgin Media

•Creation of the Target Operating Model for the whole of the technology (IT) organisation.
•Performed a deep dive across the entire Technology Enterprise, the output of which defined the strategy and 3 year roadmap for Virgin Media technology transformation under my direction.
•Owned the full lifecycle from solution for all contract schedules, business case, negotiation and transition for the outsourcing of Virgin Mobile’s entire IT function to a managed service partner (Accenture).
•Architected and delivered a full Data Centre Transformation, virtualising 78% of the physical estate and reducing 86 non core and 4 core data centres down to 2 core data centres and 8 non core sites.
•Architected the delivery of an Enterprise Data Warehouse across Virgin Mobile and Virgin Media.
•Architected the shaping and delivery of a new CRM platform to fully enable multi site, multi skilled contact centre agents across Virgin Media’s entire product/service sales landscape resulting in improved ‘Customer Experience’ and enabling significant growth through the convergence of Virgin Mobile and Virgin Media product offerings.
•Delivered a new Contact Centre e2e technology solution for Virgin Mobile against aggressive timelines from backend, call routing solution to new and re-architected applications.
•Built the e2e strategy and solution (all contract schedules) for a full outsource to a tier 1 managed service partner( Data Centres, EUC, AD, AM, 3rd Party Contracts, Help desk, Contact Centre etc).
•Technology lead working within the Virgin Media TV divestment deal team (VMtv to BSkyB, IDS to CH4, UKTV to Scripps). Shaping and scoping the services (Programme Scheduling, Advertising/Sales, Online/Websites/Micro sites, Editing and Red Bee Playout) defined as part of each deal as well as architecting the technical separation and ongoing transitional services. This included negotiation, commercials and technical solutions and transitional services within technology
•Led the technical separation and ongoing transitional services including migration solutions for Ex NTL Ireland sale to UPC.
•Migrated & standardised 14 ex Telewest’s cable Co’s onto a common set of platforms for all BSS/OSS (Billing, CRM, mediation, provisioning, financial accounting and reporting). Delivering one of the most complex set of migrations and business transformations undertaken by Telewest (Virgin Media).
•In-sourced from a managed service partner all of Virgin Mobile’s data centre services successfully integrating into Virgin Media’s estate within aggressive timelines, without business risk.
•In sourced post Telewest and NTL merger all NTL applications, services (incl TUPE) and physical architecture into Virgin Media (IBM).


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