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Analyst of Master Files at Purdue Pharma LP



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United States

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Pharmaceutical and Science



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Demonstrating the capacity to perform at a high level in both military and corporate environments, Charlie Stypick currently enjoys a career in data management. Following a one-year deployment in Afghanistan in 2010, Charlie Stypick regained his prior position as a Master File Analyst for Purdue Pharma L.P., in Stamford, Connecticut. As a department associate, Stypick maintains vendor master data for the pharmaceutical company, audits wire transactions and expense invoices, and runs various data reports to confirm compliance with company and federal regulations. Already fluent in Microsoft Office, SAP programs, and Concur/Gelco technology, Stypick continues to develop new skills as his career develops.

Charlie Stypick's Professional Experience

2007 - Present

Purdue Pharma LP - Analyst of Master Files

Setting up new vendors Auditing of all the company's wire payments Auditing of T&E Reports

Charlie Stypick's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Political Science

Niagara University

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