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Biggest, Latest & Newest Microblogging Platform!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whouter is a microblogging realtime platform that values your privacy and free speech rights. Whouter does not require any

personal data to register and all whouts are deleted as other whouts are posted.

With employers, law enforcement and governments monitoring social media, whouter offers a safe place online to share your

thoughts, ideas, rants and opinion without fear of consequences.

Any user or company can rent or subscribe to whouter hashtag and generate their own personal or company hashtag code to

promote their live event or brand for 24 hour or an entire year to gain valuable customer feedback and realtime interaction. is the next evolution in social media, where "We Value Your Privacy".

Charles Campbell's Professional Experience

2012 - Present, Inc. - microbloggling web platform, Inc. is a microbloggling
web platform designed to offer adults a safe place to share their
thoughts, ideas, rants and opinions without worrying about their privacy
being violated by their government ir employer. It doesn’t require or
store user’s personal data or whouts. Whatever is posted is deleted when
another whoute is whouted. Only the last five or six whouts repeat until
another whout is added. I’ve been building it for two years. It’s was just
completed recently.