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Chad Greenslade's VP, IT Project Management Office (PMO) role at Cardtronics, Inc. (2015 - 2018)

Designed, built-out, and led the world-class, cross-functional, enterprise IT PMO, ensuring all strategic, interrelated programs, projects, and associated planning & governance processes were aligned from inception to completion. Provided ownership, accountability, tactical and strategic leadership for the on-time and on-budget delivery of concurrent capital and operational projects, including ATM client facing product development (software stack, transaction set & routing), infrastructure maintenance / upgrades (data center equipment moves / adds / changes / refreshes), and various software development initiatives (ERP, CRM, MIS) spanning all business lines within the company. Hired, trained, mentored, and coached FTE executing a Capital (CapEx) budget of project expenditures and a PMO departmental Profit & Loss (P&L) CapEx / OpEx annual budget.


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