Casey Freudenberg - California Tourism Representative

Tourist Agent at California State Tourism Group



Current location

United States

Work category

Travel and Tourism



Eager confident character who is eager to see the world having studied Tourism at UCLA for 3 years.

Casey Freudenberg's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

California State Tourism Group - Tourist Agent

I have been playing a key role in the tourism industry of California for the past 2 years, dealing with a wide range of different cultures and nationalities from across the globe!

2007 - 2009

Starbucks - Customer Assistant

Served customers food and drinks daily.

Worked on the till dealing with large amounts of cash daily.

Was responsible for stock orders and delivery checks weekly.

Was responsible for counting the tills every night to ensure the correct figures were present.

Key Skills
customer care service serving

Casey Freudenberg's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Tourism


Course Reference : GA374 - Tourism Management

Casey Freudenberg's Additional Information


I have a passion for Surfing! I live in sunny California where the beach is minutes from my home. I have grown up surrounded by waves and sand and would be lost without my board!