Candido Paulo Paulo - Metallurgic positions

Supervisor - team of 14 at Evotan (Marrocos)



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United Kingdom

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Manufacturing and Operations

Candido Paulo Paulo's Team supervisor - team of 21 role at Fundivisa SA - Spain (2006 - 2008)

Dates:October 2006 till November 2008
Team leader of Foundry Main Duties
Started the very same day as the company was created in 2006. Working under pressure and meeting very tight deadlines was a MUST. Mainly orientated to manufacture and casting products for the marine industry.
Leading 21 employees, 9 of which were ladies, amongst moulders, founders’ and other members of staff.
Coordinating, motivating and checking their performance in compliance with company policy and procedures. Moulding and casting mono-block propellers up to 7m diameter and 15 tons of weight. Mono-block Rotors in any bronze and stainless steel, variable pitch propellers up to 12m diameter and 9 tons of weight. Developing propellers, blades and any other components for naval propulsion. Manufacture CPP blades of up to Ø7000, FFP propellers up to Ø4500, CPP hubs of a Ø2000 sphere and, in general, any component up to a maximum of 10 tons.
Using class S Products. Rota patterns – 24 hour coverage.


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