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Research Analyst Caitlin Nowicki credits much of her success in her recent job with GroupM/Mindshare to the lessons she learned studying fine art and communications at Rosemont College. The capacity to analyze one’s own work and the ability to apply critical feedback from others was one of the important insights Caitlin Nowicki gained during her undergraduate studies.

Another lesson Caitlin Nowicki’s collegiate studies taught her is that developing artistic energy and ability can be easier when one pursues several outlets, such as writing, poetry, music, drawing, and photography. Experienced in all of these disciplines, Caitlin Nowicki continually refreshes her creative perspective.

Caitlin Nowicki entered a liberal studies program in order to gain a broad-based education with the flexibility to adjust to different work environments and market conditions.

Caitlin Nowicki's Professional Experience

2008 - 2010

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Masters/PostGrad - Liberal Studies

Villanova University


Bachelor/Degree - Communications, Literary Journalism

Rosemont College

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