Bruno Almeida - IT Support and Sales Agent

IT Support Specialist at Fnac Portugal



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Bruno Almeida's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

Fnac Portugal - IT Support Specialist

As part of a leading brand in cultural and technological products in Europe, I was responsible for client satisfaction regarding consumer electronic needs and support. Specialized in IT, both hardware and software skills acquired and developed over the years. Integrated also a great deal of knowledge in Telecom, especially with the emerge of the Android operating system. Fnac is a company demanding of excellent technical and verbal skills, as well as claims, complaints and problem solving skills were a must.

 After one year, I was able to assume other main rolls such as:
 Responsible for stocks regulation/reports and daily sales reports. Proposal of changes and ideas were also a requisition.
 Became one of the TOP 3 employees, each month for the remaining 2 years of service (in terms of sales performance/revenue and services sold – insurances over consumer electronics), in the store I represented.
 Responsible for securing products and prepare them to be displayed on store, according to merchandising polities, as well as campaign implementations guidelines and flash applications setup.
 Responsible for customer’s home IT supports.
 Some examples: Setup of home networks (Lan and Wifi), print sharing, DLNA setup, Microsoft and Apple products setup and configuration, solving of several hardware and software problems within and outside normal warranty (desktops, laptops, printers, cell phones).

Bruno Almeida's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Ciencias da Educaçao (Sciences of Education)

Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciencias da Educaçao, Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

 Analysis and observation of socio-educational projects and contexts, formal and non-formal education devices and other activities where the educational sector is central;
 Support in the organization, management and evaluation of:
 curricular, community and socio-cultural animation projects,
 individual, social and community educational programmes of personal and social development promotion and guidance,
 education and training intervention in institutionalized contexts,
 training of teachers and other education actors,
 organization of local development projects;
 Attendance, implementation and performance of intervention, training and research projects and programmes involving team and network work.

Some of the main projects developed
 1st - Studied the theories of Jean Piaget on the development of newborns and young children and their attachment to their mothers/caretakers.
 2nd - Developed a project with the goal to implement healthier food habits in a local grouping school and study the student’s awareness and response to those habits, as well as introducing them at home.
 3rd - Studied the implications of institutionalized children in the general medical facilities (hospitals/children hospitals) in their social growth, daily habits and general development. Elaborated an intervention project with the main purpose to maintain a greater integration of medical and school environments. Its main objective was to avoid that institutionalized children to be and feel left out in both social and educational strands of human development.