BRIAN ABBOTT - Environmental Compliance Officer

Environmental Officer at Oxigen Environmental



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BRIAN ABBOTT's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

Oxigen Environmental - Environmental Officer

Regional Environmental Compliance Officer with responsibilities and experience including;
•Ensuring full compliance of waste licenses, permits, planning requirements and waste collection permits.
•Carrying out all required technical paperwork, ranging from monthly/quarterly reports, correspondence with EPA, Councils and commercial customers.
•Ensuring the attainment, auditing and maintenance of ISO 14001certification.
•Landfill gas management: monitoring and balancing landfill gas systems
•Preparing Annual Environmental Reports for collection permits and waste licences.
•Environmental monitoring of landfill gas, leachate control systems and surface water drainage systems.
•Carrying out audits to ISO14001 standard, and participating in EPA and Council audits.
•Coordinating the environmental monitoring programme at the North East, Cavan and Midland facilities.
•Ensuring compliance of Health & Safety regulations through site training and inspections, risk assessments and method statements.