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I am a freelance Technical Architect specialising the design, development and implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) solutions on the Java Enterprise Edition platform.

Brian Matthews's Professional Experience

2012 - Present
Key Skills
Cocoa confluence JIRA macosx Maven Objective-C osxfuse PerForce
2011 - 2012
Key Skills
db2 i-series Java Spring Struts2 Websphere
2006 - 2008

TerraNua - Director, Consulting

Architect of MyComplianceOffice ( MyComplianceOffice is a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution that allows US-based registered investment advisors and hedge funds manage their compliance related activities. MyComplianceOffice was built using portal server, workflow and document management technologies.

Key Skills
Architect Hedge Funds HTTP
2005 - 2006

Fidelity Investments Systems Company - Information Security Consultant

Architect supporting the teams responsible for developing and maintaining Fidelity Investments' enterprise-wide automated access provisioning, risk management and reporting system.

Key Skills
Architect Investments Risk Management
2003 - 2005

KVH - Lead System Architect

Architect for the integration of telecommunications operational and business support systems using enterrise applciation integration and workflow technologies.

Key Skills
Architect Telecommunications
2000 - 2003

Fidelity Investments Systems Company - Principal Consultant

Architect for the migration of a pensions portal to Jakarta Struts
Project manager for one of the ActiveTrader Pro development teams
Product manager for Fidelity Online Xpress+

Key Skills
Architect project manager Struts
1999 - 2000

IFS - Software Development Manager

Architect and software development manager developing a foreign exchange trading application

Key Skills
Architect Development Manager Software Development software development manager
1998 - 1999

AT&T - Contractor

Provided expertise on C++, CORBA (Orbix and VisiBroker), Windows and Solaris for the development of a telecommunications operational support system

Key Skills
Corba Solaris Telecommunications
1997 - 1998

IBM - Contractor

Provided expertise on C++, Java, CORBA (Orbix), DB/2, Windows and Solaris for the development of a customer relationship management system for the insurance industry

Key Skills
Corba insurance industry Java Solaris
1996 - 1997

Microsoft - Contractor

Provided expertise on C++ and Windows for the development of operational support systems

1995 - 1996

Lotus - Contractor

Provided expertise on C++ and Windows for the development of an automated testing tool

1994 - 1995

Lehman Brothers - Contractor

Provided C++, OS/2 and Windows expertise for the development of back office support systems

1994 - 1994

Hewlett-Packard - Contractor

Provided expertise on C++ and Windows for the development of a conferencing tool called OmniShare

Key Skills
1993 - 1994

IBM - Contractor

Provided expertise on C++ and OS/2 for the development of an extract transform and load tool called DataRefresher

1993 - 1993

British Rail - Contractor

Provided expertise on C++ and Windows for the development of a management information system for the trains operating through the channel tunnel

1992 - 1993

AT&T - Contractor

Provided expertise on C++ and Windows

Key Skills
C C++ PVCS Unix Visual C++ Windows
1989 - 1992

Polydata - Senior Software Engineer

At Polydata I designed and developed bespoke applications for petro-chemical companies including DOW Chemical, DuPont, ICI, Bayer and Elf Atochem. These applications were electronic catalogues describing the material properties
of the plastics manufactured by those companies.

● Consolidated and re-factored the existing source code developed for different customers into a single code base.
● Automated the release engineering process.

Key Skills
C C++ engineering Pascal RCS x86 Assembler

Brian Matthews's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - B.Sc., Computer Applications

Dublin City University

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Formula 1, Soccer, Rugby, Skiing, Movies, Music