Aviva Betech - MFT Trainee

MFT Trainee at First Avenue Counseling Center



Current location

United States

Work category

Medical and Nursing



Having recently earned a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, Aviva Betech now works with First Avenue Counseling Centre (FACC) in San Diego. Aviva Betech joined the clinic in 2010 as a marriage and family therapist trainee and receives training from the management staff while providing counseling for individuals, couples, and families in the San Diego area. FACC is a nonprofit organization which offers low-fee treatment for clients seeking therapy.

In order to gain eligibility for the position, Aviva Betech enrolled in a master’s program focused on marriage and family counseling at Alliant International University. As a trainee at FACC, Betech was required to complete at least two semesters of a master or doctoral program. With that obligation achieved, she is allowed to provide clients with therapeutic counseling.

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