Audrey  Aloysius

Director of Business at International Travel Company



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Travel and Tourism

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Audrey Aloysius considers herself a social activist, maintaining involvement with causes related to children, women, and animals. Some of her charity work includes traveling to learn about other cultures. Ms. Aloysius has been to a few different countries, including Japan, Brazil, and Italy.

Traveling to new places is a special activity for Ms. Aloysius. Visiting areas that are very different from the United States has opened her eyes to many other traditions and values. Not only does she get to enjoy the various customs and ways of life, but she also takes pleasure in helping people through volunteering and fundraising.

Audrey Aloysius donates time and/or money to several different causes that are important to her. She especially enjoys working with nonprofit groups to expand the rights of those who are less fortunate.

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