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A well-established Australian health and fitness expert, Ashy Bines maintains the Gold Coast enterprise ABBBC, Pty., Ltd. Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge holds the goal of helping members to achieve body transformations through the dedicated support of veteran personal trainers and the support of thousands of other girls who are on the same road toward toned and healthy bodies.

Bines originated the idea for her own company through personal experience in developing a uniquely structured bikini body training regimen that allowed her to reach peak physical condition prior to competitions. Achieving consistent results over a period of years, she established a 12-week Body Challenge program to assist others in reaching their potential.

A core emphasis of Ashy Bines’ program is having fun while getting in shape. She incorporates a number of interchangeable core cardio, circuit training, boxing, and strength-focused kickboxing elements into a unified system.

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