Arnel Ariap -  Health & Safety Coaching and Approved Defensive Driving Instructor

President / CEO at A C A Occupational Health & Safety Resources Inc.



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In addition to my degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, I have more than 18 years of hands-on office operation expertise and handling Health, Safety Environment in the workplace.

I could provide value to you and your customer by the following;

• Efficiency, reliability, and accuracy - resulting in competent management and coordination of daily activities and workflow, and insuring timely completion of assignment.
• Maturity, honesty, and the ability to look at challenge as opportunities - resulting in making sound judgement and effective decisions.
• Strong organization and leadership talent - resulting in motivating and directing individual to reach maximum performance level.
• Outstanding communication abilities and quick adaptability/learning - resulting in successful interaction with diverse population.

Arnel Ariap's Professional Experience

2007 - Present

A C A Occupational Health & Safety Resources Inc. - Safety Trainer / Coaching

We provide the following training:

Oil & Gas Safety Services and Training Program
Occupational Health & Safety Standards for the Construction Industry
Defensive Driving Training
First Aider Courses for the Workshop
Fire Fighting Design Health & Safety
Food Hygiene Health & Safety
Hotels & Restaurant Health & Safety
Office Health & Safety
Stress in the Workshop
Warehouse Health & Safety
Manual Handling
Sports Safety Training Course
Workplace Hygiene & Safety
Custodian Health & Safety
Backsman Training (reversing assistant) 
Motorcycle Riding Training
Evacuation Drill Health & Safety
Incident / Accident Reporting
Equipment Maintenance Training Course
Forklift and Heavy Equipment Certificate
Fire Extinguisher Hands-on Training
Bus Driver / Passenger Training Course
Spill Response Training
Maintenance Welding Certificate
HAZMAT Certification Training Courses 

2006 - Present

A C A Occupational Health & Safety Resources Inc. - President / CEO

We specialize in effective, practical, realistic advice that makes sure you and your staff stay safe at work. We manage and operate our worldwide assets in a manner consistent with our core values to protect health and safety, and to comply with applicable environmental, health and safety laws, regulations and internal standards. Our approach has earned us a reputation as a friendly, helpful pragmatic consultancy.

A C A Occupational Health & Safety Resources have the ability to direct supervise, encourage, inspire, and co-ordinate, and doing facilitate action and guide change.

Provide sufficient information , training instruction and supervision to ensure employees understanding how to work safely.