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United Kingdom

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Accounting and Finance

Arab Matchmaking is currently seeking an internship role.

Internship Objectives

While the Internet has made the world smaller, online dating sites such as have made it easier to meet people with similar interests and backgrounds. The most frequently visited website for Arab singles seeking friendship, dating, or marriage, has brought together respectable men and women from Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and many of other Arab nations for companionship and more serious relationships. The website’s technology allows visitors to choose the nationality and level of desired commitment. A Lebanese woman might seek to date a Moroccan, Tunisian, or Lebanese man. In addition, a Muslim man can choose to chat, date, or seek marriage with a Muslim woman, or vice versa. As a safety precaution, new members must undergo an approval process by the editorial team. They must post photos of themselves, not famous people, children, animals, cartoons, or other likenesses.

Accounting and Finance
Permanently Available
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