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Antonio Perez's electrical supervisor role at JGEL (2012 - Present)

I am an Electrical Supervisor/Electrical Engineer with the ability to analyse complex engineering problems, evaluate and recommend alternatives and communicate recommendations effectively seeking answers to Technical Queries.

My written and oral communication skills are excellent on ms word and excel and I enjoy working as part of a team, as well as liaising with contractors and project stakeholders. I enjoy the company and support of my peers while being able to manage my priorities and work. My day-to-day job involves efficiently managing others, communicating complex data to the technical team and breaking down this information for clients and stakeholders.

Problem-solving and troubleshooting are tasks which I face on a daily basis and am confident at resolving. When there is an issue, as often happens in large-scale projects, I am sure to investigate the issue fully, scope out the best methods to resolve it, probe implications of each method, and communicate the data clearly with all relevant team members.

I am a committed professional with the skills and attributes the job requires, and a strong determination to achieve an excellent outcome for my employer. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss this more with you at an interview.
I have the ability to establish and maintain effective communication and rapport with peers, clients, and management. I have considerable experience working with people of diverse backgrounds in Electrical Disciplines.
I have proven business knowledge, as well as exceptional engineering skills and expediting abilities.
I am efficient, organized, and detail oriented, and I believe in thorough follow-up.
My 22 years of experience working in the electrical industry has provided me with a solid base and broad understanding of industry operations and practices. I am keenly aware of the
importance of completing projects on time, within budget, and to the client's total satisfaction for Health and Safety in the Workplace.
I am accustomed to working under extreme pressure and handling multiple projects at once.
I have excellent supervisory experience, including setting goals and objectives, project development, planning and organization, budget monitoring and cost control.

Specific examples related to of the employer

• Prepared electrical drawings and specifications.
• Manage project schedules and budgets, and obtain permits for operations.
• Make engineering calculations in connection with field and office assignments.
• Investigate problems and recommend solutions.
• Ensure compliance with safety requirements and standards procedures.
• Prepare requests for proposals and evaluate bids.
• Estimate costings/budgetry control
• Value Engineering.
• Document Control.
• Specialized design, research, and analysis on a project-by-project basis and advised on Electrical issue 's
• Prepared and reviewed engineering plans, specifications, project schedules, designs, circuit diagrams, and estimates for construction and maintenance of power generation projects.
• Planned and estimated costs on projects.
• Provided technical support for system operations and maintenance.
• Maintained effective working relationships with field crews, contractors, vendors, outside agencies, the public and city staff members
• Performed highly specialized design, research, and analysis on a project-by-project basis.
• Provided advice regarding 17th Edition IEE compliance.
• Created and presented economic feasibility studies.
• Performed quality assurance and control.
• Coordinated projects with other departments, outside agencies, contractors and consultants.
• Directed, prepared, reviewed and approved contract documents and specifications, making modifications and recommending alternatives as needed.
• Exercised cost control, monitored schedules, and investigated problems.
Yours Sincerely
Antonio Perez.


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