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Antonio Castaldo's Interior Designer role at Ron Holland Design (2011 - Present)

Yacht Interior Design & Graphic Design.
Working for the world famous naval architect Ron Holland, who has designed some of
the best known multi- million dollar super-yachts
Position: Interior Designer.
• Sketched free-hand preliminary outlines at the beginning of each project.
• Choose fabrics, flooring, timber finishes and interior decorations.
• Assembled mood &: sample boards.
• Drew, with CAD, detailed 2D layouts for the space planning of the interiors.
• Contacted suppliers and manufactures for prices and quotes and delivery times.
• Compiled detailed data sheets for each Interior space and cost of materials.
• Generated 3D CAD models of the preferred options with photo-realistic renderings.
• Presented the project to the sale manager and clients in graphic layouts which
had been made-up using software such as Photoshop


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