Antonio Andrade - Looking for permanent / contract work, short or long term as a Local Deskside Customer Support.

Customer Field Engineer (ECD Team) at IBM Ireland



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IT and Technology

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Antonio Andrade's IT Support role at HiberniaEvros Technology Group (2012 - 2012)

Contracted for seven days urgent IT support cover.

Duties included:

Working from IT Helpdesk, both managing and monitoring the call logging system.
LAN, WLAN, WIFI, troubleshooting and fix
Winds Server 2003
Domain Controller and Active Directory
Creating and updating ID for the Domain Controller in Active Directory
MS Outlook e-mail integration with MS Office support
Ports and Switches (CISCO and 3COM) CAT5 patching, IP phones and desktop network
Troubleshooting and patching to new Ports
Daily backup tape changes and restores
Internet and Intranet support via Active directory including troubleshooting
BYOD Support and setup
Dual monitor setups for Dell and HP desktops, including hardware parts lookup
Memory upgrades and Hardware part number lookup


HiberniaEvros Technology Group

HiberniaEvros Technology Group - Dublin, Ireland

We place a value on your IT skills and experience. This is why we choose to call those that contract for us, Associates. We want you to feel part of our team - not just a commodity to be forgotten abo…



Active Directory

(1 year)

call logging

(1 year)


(6 years)


(1 year)

IT Helpdesk

(1 year)

IT support

(4 years)

MS Office

(1 year)


(1 year)
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