Anthony Tiernan - Electrician at JBS Swift Australia

Electrician at JBS Swift Australia



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Manufacturing and Operations



Anthony Tiernan's Electrician role at JBS Swift Australia (2012 - Present)

• Ensure the availability, reliability and capability of the plant assets
Experience in AC motor control systems including AC VSD’s.
• Maintain, control and diagnose FMCG machinery such as high speed conveyors, sensors,
hydraulic & pneumatic machinery and packaging machines.
• Monitor, follow up and address issues associated with the implementation and progress of
planned and unplanned maintenance tasks
• Continuous improvement of plant equipment and systems
• Communication with management in relation to equipment and maintenance issues
• Understand and implement quality control techniques
• Proactive approach in the implementation of preventative maintenance
• Be actively involved with inspections of equipment undergoing rebuild or repair
Ordering of spare parts and equipment

• Electrical fitter mechanic trade qualifications and experience with
PLC fault finding, Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi.Programming and modifications
• Experience in maintenance/repair in a fast paced manufacturing environment
• A thorough understanding of maintenance work management practices
• Understanding of work planning and scheduling procedures
• Experience gained from a large heavy industry organisation
• Sound computer skills
• Well developed communication and interpersonal skills
• Effective and efficient problem solving skills
• Thorough understanding and knowledge of OH&S regulations/procedures
• High attention to detail
• Ability to work autonomously and in a team environment


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