Ann  Hollifsy

special needs assissant at Dept. Education



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Manufacturing and Operations

Ann Hollifsy's special needs assissant role at Dept. Education (1993 - 2012)

For the first seven years I assisted the Speech and Language Therapist.
Duties include:
 I revised work prescribed by the Speech and Language Therapist for individual children so they could achieve her goal when she re-assessed them.
 Meaningful use of toy play, to encourage learning of language and comprehension.
 Keeping communication open between parents and speech therapist.
 Highlighting problems/successes back to therapist so they could be addressed immediately.
 Revised Lamh sign language with non-verbal children.

I also worked 1-1 with an Autistic child and took small groups of children for tuition with English and Maths.

For the last eleven plus years I have been working in a classroom assisting the Deputy Principal with the daily management of her FETAC class.

Duties include:
 Correcting homework.
 Documenting daily progress.
 Working 1-1 with children or in small groups for English and Maths.
 Reading groups.
 FETAC Level Word processing, Excel and Power Point.
 Organizing and binding FETAC folders for presentation.
 Photo copying.
 Filing.
 Art.
 Supervision of outings. (Daily walks, visits to library, swimming School tours) etc.,
 Typing
 Assisting children to keep desks tidy and be as independent has possible.
 Keeping classroom tidy.
 Moving to other class’s when needed to help out.
 Playground duty on both breaks. (Daily)

Other Duties:
 Using hoist for wheel chair bound students. (Toileting and swimming pool)
 Administering medication prescribed by child’s doctor. Using Nebulizer etc.
 Treat and dress minor cuts.
 Monitoring a sick child.
 Bring sick child home or to the hospital when necessary.
 Physiotherapy as directed by child’s therapist.
 Monitoring Seizures – Placing student in recovery position etc.

For 3 years I was also responsible for safety carrying out monthly safety checks to school premises and equipment. Documenting results and presenting a written report to the Head Principal to ensure a high standard of safety.


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