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Andrew K. Benton has served Pepperdine University for nearly thirty years. A native of Lawrence, Kansas, Mr. Benton was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the University in 2000, and has maintained a high level of commitment to the University, its students, faculty, and alumni ever since.

Before coming to Pepperdine, a private university established in 1937, President Benton owned a private law practice in Oklahoma from 1979-1983. In 1984, he began his career with the Malibu, California-based University, initially to oversee land-use opportunities at the school. Mr. Benton went on to work as the chief of staff for his friend David Davenport, the University’s sixth President. Benton was appointed in 1991 as Executive Vice President and Chief Operational Officer of the University.

In 2000, the University's Board of Regents named Andrew K. Benton the seventh President and Chief Executive Officer of Pepperdine.

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Certificate - Law

Oklahoma City University School of Law

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Bachelor/Degree - American Studies

Oklahoma Christian University

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